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Are you having Himalayan crystal salt in your diet?


All natural Himalayan salt rock tile for salad, grilling, serving and cooking.

  1. It adds healthy minerals to your food. Using pink salt block naturally imparts the incredible Himalayan salt benefits into your food. Such health benefits include balancing your body’s PH, stabilizing hydration levels, improving digestion and reducing acid reflux.
  2. It has more exquisite taste than table salt. In addition to NaCl (plain old table salt) Himalayan crystal salt contains over 80 trace minerals and other elements. Not only does this make HPS better for your health, it also has a much more complex flavor.
  3. It imparts just a hint of salt flavor into your food. Himalayan crystal salt have very low porosity and minimal moisture retention. Because of these two traits, HPS won’t immediately upon contact transform food into an unbearable salty mess.
  4. Himalayan salt block has a naturally anti-microbial surface. Unlike other food-preparation and cooking surfaces, you’ll never have to worry about germs on a salt platter. This is also due to the low porosity and moisture retention of the salt which creates a naturally anti-microbial environment.
  5. Crystal salt platter is resistant to extreme temperature. In order to prevent cracking of the surface, salt blocks must be heated slowly (no more than 200 ºF per 15 minutes.) That said, Himalayan pink salt also has extreme temperature resistance with a melting point of just over 800 C (a little under 1500 ºF) making it excellent for high-heat cooking! Just be sure to have a good solid salt platter holder for safe carrying of your super-hot HPS block.
  6. Himalayan crystal salt block provides superior heat distribution to your food. Due to the crystalline structure of Himalayan pink salt, heat spreads evenly through the entire block instead of radiating out from the middle and cooling toward the edges.
  7. It holds temperature for a longer period of time. Just because of its crystalline structure, Himalayan pink salt blocks hold their temperature – whether it be hot or cold – longer than other cooking and serving surfaces. This means you won’t have to worry about food prepared on your salt block getting cold or too warm while you finish up any accompanying dishes.


Cooking Instructions: Plates can be chilled in the freezer for the beautiful presentations of desserts ice cream fruits & cheese platter.

On Gas Range: Heat on a low flame until warm, gradually increasing to medium, then high until desired temperature is reached , generally around 15-20min.

For Oven: Heat at 250 degree for first 10 – 12minutes then increases to 400F.

For Crave: After use let cool completely to room temperature.

To Wash: Rinse lightly quickly, & scrub rigorously with a steel wool scrubby. Rinse again quickly do not use soap, do not place in dish wash. Dry with clean cotton.



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