Himalayan Salt

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Iodized Salt


Himalayan iodized rock salt can be used for industrial as well as domestic purposes. Raw crystal salt is also used for De-icing by countries having very low temperature. Due the globally researched and understood Himalayan salt benefits it’s been recommended by many doctors and clinical scientists to use Pink rock table salt in daily diet. The benefits of iodized natural crystal salt include: 1. Natural rock salt helps to maintain a regular heartbeat due to its ability to regulate blood pressure. 2. Natural crystal salt helps clear congestion in the lungs and nasal passages. It clears mucus, phlegm, and congested sinuses. Salt is a strong natural antihistamine. 3. Salt crystals helps to balance the body s blood sugar levels which benefits people suffering from diabetes. 4. Himalayan table salt helps to remove excess acidity from the cells of the body which helps to help prevent such conditions as Cancer.

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