Salt Licks

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Salt Licks


Animals consider it a highest quality salt that contains all the natural minerals. Their health requires Himalayan Salt Licks to cover all the mineral deficiencies. A 600 million years old Himalayan Rock Salt for animals, mined from ancient himalayan mountains of Pakistan, Kalabagh, Karak and Khewra salt mines. These salt licks are the purest form of salt available. The distinctive pink color come from the salt minerals content such as Iron, Potassium and Magnesium that are vital for maintaining health of cows, sheep, goat and horses. All have a very welldefined appetite for sodium chloride i.e. salt only surpassed by the need of water. Because the majority of plants do not provide sufficient sodium for the livestock, horses need and may lack adequate chloride, salt supplementation is a vital part of nutritional requirements.

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