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SPA Salt


Himalayan Salt can help you relax by energizing and elevating your mood with their warm glow. It can purify the air with negative ions. It can also help to relieve the symptoms of many respiratory and skin conditions. Pure Himalayan Foot Detox, Salt Blocks, Salt Soap draw out toxins, deep cleans the feet, restore the body energetically and promote weight loss. The foot detox blocks come complete in a set of 2 and include a gift box, a white towel to set the blocks on as well as detailed instructions.Human skins soaks essential minerals from the water containing salt. Himalayan Bath salt removes all the soreness and decreases skin aging. Pouring few crystals of refines Himalayan salts detoxify skin, regulate  hydration and lower blood pressure. Therefore, it is one of the recommended bath salt by famous therapists. Our products come directly from deep within the Himalayan mountains and are handpicked and crafted for the best quality guaranteed.

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