USB Salt Lamps

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USB Salt Lamps


Modern day technologies, such as computers, televisions, fluorescent lamps, air conditioners, heaters and microwave ovens, emit an abundance of positive ions. Research has shown that high levels of positive ions make us feel tired, depressed or irritable. Himalayan Salt USB Lamp naturally emits negative ions allowing air particles to achieve an optimal ionic balance. Negative ions are emitted naturally by waterfalls, thunderstorms and the oceans. Now you can bring the power of this phenomenon indoors! By removing moisture from indoor air, things such as bacteria, virus, mold spores, respiratory allergens and irritants cannot remain airborne; they fall to the floor by gravity and die especially in an ionized environment. Himalayan Salt USB Lamps have long been recommended for those with respiratory illness or asthma. Moisture that gets naturally drawn to the salt crystal’s surface is directly responsible in large part for the negative- charged ionic field build-up around the lamp.

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